Characteristics and the effect of the construction method

Kuk Dong Engineering & Construction is putting effort in improvement of enterprise value and continuous growth with the principle of fair and transparent management in every area including accounting, purchase, and human resources.

공정하고 투명한 경영활동, 구매투명성, 회계 투명성, 인사 투명성

Ethical management activities

Various activities for ethical management are in action for the fulfillment of transparent and fair management, such as spreading education and establishing system of ethical management.

  • Ethics and Information Security Pledge for executives and staff member
  • Campaign for '‘Not Giving nor Receiving Gifts for National Holidays’'
  • Operation of ‘Bareunsoribang (Room for Upright Talk)’, an online ethical management channel in the company
  • Operation of ‘Unggeonhoe’, a consultative body for coexistence of subcontractors