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Uijeongbu City National Road bypass Construction Project

Construction of Banghwa Great Bridge

Construction of National Highway Line No. 65 from Ulsan to Pohang (Package 3)

Osan Airfield

Jungang Expressway

Jungbu Inland Highway

  • 4 Lane National Road Widening & Paving Project, Bongwha -Bubjeon Section (Bupjeon By Pass)
  • 4 Lane National Road Widening Project NamjiYoungsan Section
  • 4 Lane Road Extension and Pavement from Sunnam to Daegu
  • Baedun - Sirak Road Widening and Pavement Project
  • Bubjeon - Socheom Road Rehabilitation & Pavement Project
  • Busan Scientific Industrial Complex Access Road Construction Project (Package 1)
  • Central Highway Construction Project, Wonju - Hongcheon Section (Package 17)
  • Central Highway Extension Project Between Jaechun to Wonju(Package 16)
  • Cheongsong - Pacheon (Cheongsong By - Pass) Road 4 Lanes
  • Construction of Banghwa Great Bridge
  • Construction of Goeup Detour Road from Kwangsa IC to Local Road Line No. 360
  • Construction of National Highway Line No. 65 from Ulsan to Pohang (Package 3)
  • Construction of Nonamujae Tunnel
  • Construction of Road Between Dongback and Training Institute
  • Construction of Road Between Eomo-Sangju Section
  • Construction of Road from Paju New Town to Ilsan, Gyeonggi, Korea
  • Daegu - Chuncheun Highway Construction Project (Package 7)
  • Expressway for 225 line between Kangjin and KwangjuSection, Package 6
  • Gongsan Dam bypass Widening Project
  • Hadong-Wansa 1 National Road Construction Project
  • Highway No. 1Widening Project, Package 1, Kimcheon Youngdong Section (Gyeongbu Expressway)
  • Highway No.27 Project, Package 7, Jeonju-Gwangyang Section
  • Highway No.45 Widening Project Contract 1, Sangju-Chungju Section
  • Honam Expressway Construction Project
  • Hwangsan-Guemsan si IC Local Road Widening Project(Package 1)
  • Jaesan - Nokdong Road Rehabilitation & Pavement Project
  • Janggi - Uhye Road Widening and Pavement Project
  • Jeongeup-Wonduk (Package 2) Road Construction Project
  • Jeongwang 1st & 2nd Area Land Plotting Project
  • Jungbu Inland Highway
  • Kangchun - Munmak Road Extension and Pavement Project
  • Munsan-Geumsan Road Widening and Pavement Project
  • Nakpo-Homyung National Road Construction Project
  • National & Local Road No.23 Line Geumgok IC Widening Project
  • National Road No. 49 Construction Project, Package 2 :Bondeok - Imgok Section
  • National Road Widening and Paving Project, DoochonUoron Section
  • Olympic Expressway Extension Project, Package 2
  • Osan Airfield
  • Paldang Great Bridge -Paldang Dam Road Construction Projec
  • Pengsung - Anjung Road (Bridge) Construction Project
  • Pyungtaek-Anseong Highway Construction Project, Contract 1,Pyungtaek-Anseong
  • Road Extension Works, Youngdong Highway Wonju Kangrueng
  • Road Pavement Project Between Dosansewon to Bubjeon Section
  • Sabuk - Gohan Road 4 -Lane Widening and Pavement
  • Saeasan-ro Road Construction Project
  • Sanwei-Sanne National Road Widening Project
  • Socheon-Dogye (Package1) National Road Construction Project
  • Soosec-dong - Sinsa-dong Road Construction Project
  • The Capital Area’s New Airport Highway Construction Project, Package 4
  • Uijeongbu City National Road bypass Construction Project, Jangam - Jaguem Section
  • Ulsan Port Rear Transportation Facilities (Road) Construction Project
  • Ulsan Port Sixth Wharf Container Yard ByPassConstruction ProjectThe Western Coast Highway Construction Project, Dangjin-Soechuon Section(Package 7)
  • Underground Road of Bundang New City Construction Project
  • West Seaside Highway Construction Project, Ansan to Anjung, (Package 6)
  • Widening and Pavement Project
  • Yangsan - Kupo Highway Construction Project, Package 3
  • Yeonsu-Ochon Road Widening and Pavement Project
  • Yeosoo-Soonchun (Phase2) Road Construction Project
  • Youngju - Gamcheon 4 Lane Road Widening & Paving Project
  • Youngju City bypass (Moonjung–Kahung) Construction Project
  • Youngsan - Changnyong Road 4 Lanes Widening & Paving Project
  • Youngyang By Pass Construction Project
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