Kuk Dong Engineering & Construction suitably harmonizes view on people in our cultural background with view on ‘work’ that is objectified and rationalized inn western companies to operate a evaluation and reward system which focuses on global standard.

'Rational evaluation' through procedural fairness and procurement of transparency

  • Connection of company’s goals to personal goals and prearrangement of evaluated items
  • Not a disciplinary evaluation quibbling over right and wrong, but a promotional evaluation by coaching the process and results

'Fair reward' to secure and preserve excellent talents

  • Fair reward by performance and capability of individual and organization

Evaluation system overview

  1. Achievement evaluation of organization and individual in connection to business strategy
  2. Competency evaluations for development of organization and individual talents
  3. Evaluation process operated by open communication
  4. Enhancement of motivation through application of evaluation results

Evaluation and coaching process overview

The evaluator and the evaluated hold mutual 1 on 1, face to face coaching

  • Aimed at rational, transparent, and open evaluation system (maximization of evaluation acceptability)
  • Nurturing evaluation that discussesㅍ the future course rather than mistakes in the past

Reward system overview

  • Annual salary system for every executive and staff members; performance bonus and sundry allowances provided separately
  • self-driven promotion point system in operation
소속조직 업적평가, 개인업적평가, 개인역량평가, 종합평가, 목표달성시 특별성과금, 보임/승진 심사, 일반서과금(변동적/비누적), 기본급(고적누적), 특별성과금(변동급/성과급), 직책보임/승진