A talented person who can participate in creating the best results and achieving the company’s vision not only has an excellent capability, but also has an open mind who can share the vision of the organization and realize it with coworkers. In order to nurture such talents with professionalism, passion, and teamwork in harmony, Kuk Dong Engineering & Construction has a talent nurturing strategy of “nurturing the leader of the next generation.

Talent nurturing education

Nurturing talent specialized for Kuk Dong

  • Value sharing process
  • Organization activation process
  • Introductory process for new entrants

Nurturing future leaders

  • Next generation leaders nurturing process
  • Promotion education

Nurturing subject-matter expert

  • Subject-matter expert process (marketing, HP, finance, and other common duty)
Specialized education for nurturing talent

Nurturing subject-matter expert for construction

  • Site manager capability enhancement process
  • Technical post process for construction / civil engineering (basic, intermediate, high, advanced)
  • Management and sales support process (basic, intermediate, high, advanced)
  • Global business process (overseas dispatch personnel)
  • Safety environment and quality management process
  • Global business process (overseas dispatch personnel)