Kuk Dong provides a ground where anyone with rational mentality and capability can display his or her capabilities,

receive opportunities, and take on challenges.

  • Someone who takes relationship and teamwork seriously and can work together with flexible mindset

    Cooperating member of organization

    Executives and staff members of Kuk Dong Construction & Engineering pursues a family-like culture where one values, compliments, and discusses with one another, based on positive attitude.

  • Someone who is responsible for their work with perseverance, momentum, willpower, and passion for work

    The passionate who achieves

    Unquenchable passion is the impetus that breathes vitality into life. A passionate person, even if he or she may suffer for the moment from hardships, can overcome them.

  • Someone who is always looking for something new, and maintains a competitive advantage on innovation and originality

    Innovative creator

    Kuk Dong Engineering and Construction requires a creative mind in a time where today and tomorrow differs. One must endlessly innovate through continuous change to find new meanings from daily experiences.

  • Capable person with the best professional knowledge and professional mindset for the task in charge

    Learning professional

    Kuk Dong Engineering & Construction is not demanding for a specialist who can use what they already know. Kuk Dong is looking for someone who constantly improves himself or herself through continuous learning. One must have the will to continuously endeavor to reach a higher stage rather than staying where one is.