Petronas Twin Towers

Changing the Worlds' Skyline

As a key part of Malaysia's Vision 2020, the Petronas Twin Towers stands 92 stories high with 6 stories below. This project was a joint venture between Kukdong E&gmp;C and Samsung Commodiy's construction sector.

Bidding for constructing the Petronas Twin Towers was only open to construction companies with experience construction buildings higher than 50 floors. With the experience of successfully building the Korea World Trade Center which stands 54 floors high, Kukdong Construction utillzed its know-how insafety, design, and construction to win the Petronas Twin Towers project.

The $2 billion Petronas Twin Towers project meant that Kukdong was given the task to construct Malaysia's largest building complex. This complex consisted of two 92-floor office buildings and 16 other 30- and 60-floor buildings that were to be used as hotels, offices, and convention centers.

Breaking away from the simple design of skyscrapers, the Petronas Twin Towers were designed with an Islamic touch. The Towers' elegance and beauty attracts tourists from around the world.