Kuk Dong Engineering & Construction believes that the personnel who has high satisfaction in his family can work his best for given tasks, and can create the best results. Such welfare system of Kuk Dong Engineering & Construction is implemented hoping for a harmonious improvement between individuals and the company.

  • System that can help the economic foundation of the family
  • System that can help an individual enjoy a pleasant leisure with his or her family

Selective welfare system

Personnel may freely select and use within yearly individual welfare point (welfare card will be distributed) depending on lifestyle and personal preference

  • Additional point provided if raising children
  • Major supported items: medical (hospital, pharmacies, etc.), culture / leisure (cinema, fitness center, etc.), self-improvement (attending academies, purchasing books, etc.), travel (tourism, plane, train, etc.), accommodations (hotel, pension, etc.)

Insured in group accident insurance for regular medical checkup

Full medical examination held once every two years for every executives and staff members

Loan support

Company supports individual loans up to 15 million KRW (employee association and labor welfare fund)

School expenses support for children

Kindergarten aid, school expenses for middle school, high school, and university

Support for expenses of congratulations and condolences

Support in various expenditure for congratulations and condolences; wreathes and condolence flowers; and leave for event of congratulations or condolences

Club activity support

Support for operational costs of club activities, such as hiking, in-line skating, bowling, movie meetings, etc.

Operation of condo membership

Condo membership of various parts of Korea held; always on operation, including vacation period in the summer and winter