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Kukdong E&C changes the paradigm of architectural spacing through its unique advanced construction skills

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  • 70th anniversary, was held
    Announced group vision for 3 construction companies (Namkwang Engineering, Kukdong Engineering & Construction, Kumkwang Engineering & Construction)


  • Merged and Acquired to Sewon Construction


  • Placed order for road work in zone A2-1 Ben Luc . Long Thanh in Vietnam
    Placed order for expansion work in Seoul-Pusan High-speed railway Daejun station
    Placed order for zone 13 of B-8BL APT construction in Homaesil, Suwon
    Placed order for roadbed work in zone 1 of Yeongcheon . Shinkyungjoo double track railway in Jung Ang Line
    Completed the construction of No. 65 Ulsan . Pohang national highway
    Awarded by Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (for construction work of Ulsan-Pohang highway)


  • Assigned as preliminary operator of green remodeling business (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)
    Completed the construction of Incheon International St. Mary’s Hospital
    Placed order for establishment of clinical practice building in Kyungpook National University
    Completed the construction works for Kukdong STARCLASS 1st and 2nd in Sejong city, Kukdong STARCLASS
    Namsan, Kukdong STARCLASS Central in Naepo new city (achievement of 40 thousand households built by Kukdong)


  • Placed order of bridge · road construction in zone 2 of Noi Bai . Nhat Tan, Vietnam


  • Korea Electric Power Industry Code (KEPIC) Certification
    Signed voluntary green gas reduction agreement between Kukdong Construction. Chungnam Provincial Office

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